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2014 Grant Application Minimum Criteria and Process

Below are the minimum criteria that Amigos de San Cristobal uses to determine whether or not Amigos will consider the organization’s application for a grant. Please review the criteria. If your organization meets all of the criteria, please contact Amigos. Your email should state that your organization meets all the criteria and that you request an application. Please send your request to  The deadline for requesting an application is August 1, 2013. The deadline for submitting an application is September 1, 2013.

The minimum criteria are as follows:

  1. Organization has had an Asociación Civil (AC) status for at least three years.
  2. Organization can provide Amigos with a copy of their legal status.
  3. Organization uses official Hacienda-approved numbered receipts.
  4. Project serves the most disadvantaged communities of San Cristóbal or Chiapas.
  5. Project addresses education, health, or economic development.
  6. Project does not have a political or religious purpose.
  7. Organization is willing to have Amigos members visit their project.
  8. Organization is willing to complete a progress update in March and an annual written report by Dec. 1.
  9. Organization is willing to provide Amigos with photographs and information that Amigos can use in its newsletters, annual meeting, webpage, and communication with potential donors.
  10. Organization must have a bank account in the name of the Asociación Civil (AC).

When reviewing a grant application, Amigos places value on the following aspects of a project and NGO:

As we develop our portfolio of grants, we look for proposals that address education, health, or economic development. We prefer to fund a project that will be supported by an additional funder(s) and a project for which Amigos can fund itemized costs and significant aspects of the project (i.e. teacher or health provider salary, scholarships, workshops, materials for a structure, equipment, etc.) Amigos also ideally prefers to support a project with outcomes that can be easily described to the donors who provide the funds.

Again, if your organization meets all the criteria above and you are interested in submitting a grant request to Amigos, please send an email to Amigos stating that your organization meets the criteria and that you would like to receive an application. This request must be received by Amigos by August 1, 2013. Amigos will send you a grant application via email. Complete the application and submit it to Amigos by September 1, 2013,

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us at Thank you.