Grant Recipients 2011

Aqua y Vida 2011

With its Amigos grant, this project will train students in theater. Students will present plays on water preservation in local schools and in town. The project builds self-esteem and builds within students an appreciation for the environment.

BACH/Food Bank 2011

An Amigos grant will support the six-month "Campaign for Essential Health" Project with a nutritionist to encourage good health habits among the food recipients. The nutritionist will conduct consultations, conferences, and workshops.

Chiltak 2011

This organization supports indigenous teens living in violent communities. With an Amigos grant, the project will conduct six seminars, once a week, with teachers, a psychologist, an anthropologist and a community expert to discuss violence. Participants will develop a radio broadcast, book, and festival to reach other teens.


Germinalia 2007 — 2011

Originated five years ago as a program to fund college scholarships and mentoring to students from remote mountain villages. Participants have grown from 50 to over 400 and the program has been adapted for high school and secondary school children. Participants explore their creative abilities in different disciplines, including arts, technology, ecological architecture, urban agriculture, music, literature, and theater.

Hogar Communitario 2007 — 2011

Grants have been, and continue to be, used for an educational program for existing children of expectant single mothers. The program will use the Amigos grant of 37,500 Pesos to help children recognize and appreciate their ethnicity, understand and accept people with differences, recognize their rights as children and express their feelings about violence while learning from their experiences. Mothers also receive training in children’s rights and how to create a harmonious living environment after the new sibling is born.


K'inal Antsetik 2011

This women's leadership development residential program is designed to promote leadership skills in young indigenous women by using training in radio communication and practical experience maintaining a bilingual radio program. With the Amigos grant, K'inal will broadcast information on curable health diseases, women's rights, and human rights.


Luna Maya 2009 — 2011

Luna Maya Birth Center works to ensure that all women in Chiapas have access to health care, including a safe and humanized birth. With the Amigos grant, Luna Maya will continue to provide prenatal, birthing, and postnatal care and counseling to high-risk women from Hogar Comunitario.

Amigos Amigos

Madre Tierra Mexico 2007 — 2011

Ongoing training program in health and nutrition in 42 mountainous communities of the Sierra Madre region in southern Chiapas, including supporting a "health promoters program" and paying a doctor's salary. In addition, funds were used to complete the first clinic in the region, including the provision of medicines.

Melel 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011

Amigos' grants continue to support scholarship and guidance programs for children aged 5-17 from marginalized families and children on the street. The program facilitates school entrance and encourages sustained attendance through learning circles and scholarships.

Amigos Amigos

Orquideas Moxviquil 2011

Orquideas Moxviquil is dedicated to bringing the wonders of nature to students and adults of San Cristóbal through hands-on environmental education. The program introduces the concept and practice of forest preservation and responsible use of our imperiled natural resources. Amigos' grant will "seed" new and ongoing programs.


Pingüinos 2011

This organization runs a small (54 children, ages 1-10) model maternal/preschool/primary school with a mixed socio/economic/cultural population. Amigos' grant will support disadvantaged children in instruction and experiences in peaceful problem solving, multicultural acceptance and appreciation, creative expression, and sustainable environmental practices.


Service Learning Institute 2011

"Service learning" is a vehicle for giving students real-world experience as part of their English classes. The Service Learning Institute is working with students from high schools, UNACH, and professionals. First, the students choose a project. Then they work on that project and present an oral and written report in English about their experience. The Amigos grant will support students of little financial means with scholarships for project materials and transportation.


Suenicos 2008 — 2011

One of the various programs of Sueñinos, Suenicos is a primary/secondary after-school and Saturday program currently in two San Cristóbal disadvantaged communities. With Amigos' support, the program will expand to nine more communities. Workshops and programs help children and youth develop self-confidence, problem-solving strategies, and creative expression.


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